Friday, May 15, 2009

We're headed to China!

Hello! As Co-Directors of the Quality Enhancement Plan for Shaw University, we welcome you to this travel blog for our upcoming trip to China. The QEP is an integral part of the accreditation process for the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), requiring institutions to develop and ultimately implement an innovative project to enhance some aspect of student learning. You will be hearing all about this exciting initiative over the next two years, and we invite you to get involved to make a difference on our campus. (If you're really interested in reading more about the QEP, here's the link to the SACS handbook: )

In China, we will be presenting information about our experiences with the QEP to our partner schools and engaging our colleagues there in conversations about best practices around assessment and student learning. China actually started the whole notion of assessment for its civil service workers many years ago, and it is our hope to learn more about how their educational system approaches the evaluation of student learning. This information will be extremely helpful in our efforts to help transform assessment procedures at Shaw.

Stay with us and enjoy the journey!

Dr. Carol Bunch
Dr. Derek Greenfield